mustard field

Mustard has become more expensive in Ukraine

In July in Ukraine there is an increase in the price of seeds of white mustard.

The increase in oil prices is due to both the limited number of offers from farmers who actually lost part of their stocks in the temporarily occupied areas in the southern and eastern territories, and the reduction in acreage due to hostilities in the country.

Demand from importers for oil was estimated to be high due to a shortage of finished products in Europe due to a decrease in mustard gross production due to difficult weather conditions. In addition, Canada, which is one of the main producers of this crop and its supplier to the European market, has suffered a similar problem. It should be noted that the increase in logistics costs and the energy crisis caused by the war in Ukraine also contributed to price increases.

For example, prices for white mustard seed demand rose by an average of 33%. On July 20, the price fluctuated within the range of 1063-1196 €/ton and in some cases reached 1329-1462 €/ton.

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