sunflower field

Sunflower has become cheaper in Ukraine

In Ukraine, since the beginning of last week, there has been a bearish price trend in the market for Sunflower seeds.

Pressure on prices has been pressured by falling prices in the unrefined sunflower oil export market. In addition, the improvement in weather conditions contributed to the development of this trend, which slightly increased the harvest rate and accordingly increased the amount of sunflower seed supply from farmers.

However, we emphasize that in some cases the long rainy weather negatively affected the quality of the seeds. In particular, the market operators noted a high acid number and humidity and also reported the development of the fungus on the plant baskets.

The demand prices for sunflower seeds during this period are around 28-41 €/Tonne fell and were mostly between 13 and 348 €/ton at the end of the day on October 440th.

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