In Ukraine, the extremely low demand for wheat bran remains

Since the beginning of last week, the price situation in the wheat bran sector in Ukraine has stabilized somewhat.

The market's oversaturation with offers of this product, due to continued low demand from the main consumers who continued to buy bran only in small quantities, and the lack of exports continued to put severe pressure on prices. In addition, the fall in wheat prices has continued this week, which has also contributed to the cheapening of bran. However, most processors left the asking prices for these products unchanged in order to maintain production profitability.

Juni werden die Angebotspreise für Weizenkleie überwiegend im Bereich von 38,30-83 €/Tonne festgelegt, und nur einzelne Hersteller der westlichen und nördlichen Regionen haben die Preise weiterhin bei 92,65-95,85 €/Tonne angegeben.

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