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In the Turkestan region of the Republic of Kazakhstan, there are plans to significantly increase cotton oil production

The Tulpar May company (Maktaaral district of the Turkestan region) plans to increase cotton oil production by XNUMX times. This was announced by the press service of the “Agrarkreditgesellschaft”.

It plans to increase production capacity tenfold and produce 2.000 tons of cotton oil per year. Consumers just get used to these products. In the near future there are plans to open a textile factory.

“Tulpar May” will be operational in 2021. The plant can produce up to 50 tons of raw cotton per day. In addition to cottonseed oil, cakes and household soaps are made here. Last year, 250 tons of oil and 950 tons of oil were produced.

The total cost of the project is 2,5 million euros, 80% of this sum is financed by the Agrarkreditgesellschaft.

In 2022, Turkestan farmers received more than 22 million euros for the company's implementation of 1300 projects. These are mainly projects for the development of crop cultivation.

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