In the first half of November Ukraine exported 2,8 million tons of grain and oilseeds

In the first 15 days of November, Ukraine has 2,8 million tons Grains, Legumes, Oilseeds and processed products exported, down 800.000 tons from the first half of October. The grain corridor for November took away about 1,5 million tons of agricultural products, the press-service of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy of Ukraine reported.

The deliveries from Wheat and Corn for the first part of November differ for the first time in relation to the increase of wheat. 829 thousand tons were exported, and corn - 774 thousand tons. By the middle of last month, these grains were being shipped more, the volume was more than 1 million tons each.

The third position for shipments in November is sunflower oil – 307 thousand tons, which is more than 42 thousand tons than in mid-October. The same trend of increase is also observed in deliveries of soybeans: 199 thousand tons in the first half of this month against 118 thousand tons in the middle of October.

The shipping volume of Sunflower seeds has increased by 34.000 tons, in the 15 days of November it exceeded the limit of 186.000 tons. Deliveries of rapeseed more than doubled: 183.000 tons in the 15 days of November versus 341.000 tons in the 16 days of October.

Deliveries of scrap were reduced by 84 thousand tons, in two weeks in November it was 173 thousand tons. The volume of barley shipments did not really change in November and is 166 thousand tons.

The overall picture for the volume of agricultural products that have already crossed the border of Ukraine, in percentage terms, for the first half of November is as follows: 29,33% occupies wheat, 27,39% corn, 10,86% sunflower oil, Soybeans – 7,05%, 6% Rapeseeds, 6,6% sunflower seeds, 6,13% scrap, 5,88% Barley, 0,28% soybean oil.

The export of agricultural products in ZusaThe relationship with transport in the first two weeks of November is as follows: 1,9 million tons were sent through ports (sea and river), railway - 541 thousand tons, car - 325 thousand tons, ferry - 30 thousand tons .

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