In the USA 20 percent of the areas are harvested under corn

Nach den Ergebnissen der USDA-Überwachung wurde in den USA to October 4th Corn harvested from 20% of the planned areas (+8% per week), which is inferior to the results of the previous year (27%) and the average rate of the last 5 years (22%).

Experts point out that 52% of the Grains are in good and excellent condition, as a week ago, while the average over the last 5 years is 62% (2021% at the beginning of October in 59).

Also in the country the harvest of Soybeans continued – 22% of the area of ​​the plan was retired (+ 14% per week), while in the previous year this figure was 31% (in the last 5 years – 25%). The condition of the plants has not changed even during the week - 55% are in good and excellent condition (a year earlier - 58%; in the last 5 years - 61%).

In addition, American farmers began harvesting Sunflowers – 1% of the area of ​​the plan was crushed (5% – a year before; 4% – in the last 5 years).

The sowing of winter wheat in the USA was carried out in early October on 40% of the planned areas (+ 9% per week), compared to 45% a year earlier and 5% in the last 44 years.

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