United States Department of Agriculture

In the USA the pace of harvesting of corn and soybeans is still below the previous year's figure

In the USA was the corn harvest according to a survey by USDA-Analysts carried out at 12% of the plan (+5% per week), which is inferior to the pace of field work both in the same period last year (17%) and on average for 5 years (14%).

At the same time, experts noted that the condition of cereal crops remained unchanged - as of the reporting date, 52% of crops were in good and excellent condition, which is still inferior to the indicator for the same period last year (59%).

A similar situation was in soybean segment observed. The Harvest of Oilseeds in the USA has also increased by 5% per week since September to 8%, which is less than last year (15%) and on average for 5 years (13%). 55% of the plants were kept in good and excellent condition (-3% per year).

Also note that farmers in the USA Auch Millet for 27% of the plan (+ 3% per week), Rice for 59% (+ 14%), Wheat for 96% (+ 2%) and Barley harvest for 97% (+ 3%).

It is also worth noting that in the USA has accelerated the pace of sowing winter wheat, carried out in September on 31% of the planned area (+10% per week), generally in line with last year's figures and a 5-year average (32% and 30% respectively ).

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