Maize continues to become cheaper in the Ukrainian ports of Reni and Ismail

In the past week in the Danube ports of Ukraine there were further price reductions for Feed corn with delivery FOB– and CRT port conditions.

The situation was aggravated by the low demand from importers, the rather active receipt of proposals from farmers in the domestic market due to the need to release storage space and the limited export opportunities of Grains explained by alternative seaports, which was complicated by the seasonal increase in the strain on all supply chains. In addition, the fall in prices was encouraged by the weakening of corn prices on world markets.

5 USD/Tonne and varied in the range of 220-230 USD/ton with delivery in July-August, with offer prices in most cases being at least 235 USD/ton. On the basis of CRT-Port, the prices for demand for grain in these ports of Ismail fell to 180-190 USD/ton, and in the hryvnia equivalent were expressed mainly in the range of 6000-6400 USD/ton.

The prices for the demand for Grains with delivery in the port of Konstanz (Romania) in July and August were in the range of 270-285 EUR/ton fixed.

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