In the Ukrainian ports of the Danube, peas are gradually becoming cheaper

According to the results of last week, prices are in line with demand Peas of this year's harvest in the Danube ports of Ukraine fell slightly.

The pressure on prices was exerted by the overload of logistics on all chains of deliveries, the increase in the number of offers on the domestic market due to the promotion of harvesting against the background of forcing sales to landowners due to the risks of storing crops in warehouses due to constant attacks of farms and product storage capacities. Demand from importers was characterized as constant, but most of them expected further cheapening of the bean under the pressure of the seasonal factor and the domestic economy.

Die Preise für die Nachfrage nach neuen Erbsen mit der Lieferung im Juli und August in den Häfen von Reni und Ismail sind auf 135-150 USD/Tonne sunk.

The prices of peas and Chickpeas with delivery to the borders of Bulgaria ranged from 290-310 to 390-410 USD/ton.

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