In the Ukrainian ports on the Danube, rapeseed prices continue to rise

Since the end of July there has been a trend towards rising prices for Ukraine in the Danube ports of Ukraine rape seed.

The development of this situation was mainly due to high demand from export-oriented companies and the lower cost of rapeseed of Ukrainian origin compared to oil prices from EU countries. Prices were also supported by the increase in oil prices in the world market. At the same time, the promotion of rapeseed crops in EU countries and the gradual increase in the number of its offers have put some pressure on Ukrainian seed prices.

So sind die Preise für Rapssamen in den ukrainischen Häfen der Donau für den angegebenen Zeitraum um 26-31 €/Tonne gestiegen und werden from dem 10. August überwiegend innerhalb von 382-421 €/Tonne ausgesprochen.

We will note that market operators place some hope on the renewal of exports from the Black Sea ports of Odessa, southern, the Black Sea, from which agricultural products have begun to be withdrawn within the agreement on the “Grain Gang”.

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