In the Ukrainian ports on the Danube, the trend towards falling corn prices continues to dominate

Over the past week, relative price stability has lagged behind demand Feed corn received in the Danube ports of Ukraine with a certain downward momentum.

Factors of pressure on the price level were the significant stocks of this crop in the country, the need for farmers to have storage space against the background of the early harvest Grains and to allow the possible resumption of grain exports through deep sea ports. However, the higher prices were hampered by higher shipments of corn to the foreign market compared to other crops, despite the abolition of wheat licensing and the high cost of delivering grain to ports. Support for prices of demand for grain in the hryvnia was also provided by a decrease in the official rate compared to US-Dollar done.

Dollar prices of demand for feed corn at the ports of Renee and Ismail decreased slightly from last week's values ​​and were 160-190 USD/Tonne (sometimes $135/ton). The hryvnia purchase prices have not undergone any significant changes and have remained within 5000-6000 UAH/ton moved.

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