In the ports of Ukraine, the prices of corn are expected to fall

Prices for Corn in Ukraine are still under pressure. From time to time there has been limited demand for urgent supplies at $215-225 DAP Poland (border).

In the ports of Ukraine prices are expected to be below $200 per Corn fall without China being certified. Europe is oversaturated with corn. Ports in Spain and Italy are also clogged with goods and buyers do not want to buy corn. It is difficult to find a “hard demand”. The Spanish market expects around 1.5 million in the coming months Tonnen additional arrival of corn.

The latest signs for buyers:

  • FOB Ukraine (South) ~ $240-245;
  • DAP Ukraine (ports) ~ $195-205;
  • DAP Poland (border) ~ $205-215;
  • DAP Romania (South) ~ €225-230;
  • CIF Spain (Port) ~ $290-295.

Source: UkrAgroConsult (Ukraine)

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