Barley prices are falling rapidly in Ukraine's Danube ports

The past week was marked by a significant drop in purchase prices for feed barley from this year's harvest in the ports of Reni and Ismail.

The offers of the new crop of Barley of farmers came to the market quite actively, mainly due to the lack of free storage space, concerns that Grains to store in an elevator or warehouses, especially in the south of the country, due to regular rocket and artillery attacks on them by Russian troops. At the same time, customer demand for barley remained moderate due to congested logistics and expectations of even more active sales by farmers. These factors were the main factors behind price reductions. The development of this trend was also promoted by similar price dynamics in the wheat and corn segment.

Die Preise für die Nachfrage nach neuer Gerste mit der Lieferung im Juli und August in den Häfen von Reni und Ismail fielen am Ende der Woche um 30-35 USD/Tonne auf 130-160 USD/Tonne.

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