Wheat has become significantly cheaper in Ukraine's Danube ports

In the past week, the price situation on the wheat export market with the supply from the Danube ports continued to trend downwards.

Prices remained under pressure from the high residues of last year's grain harvest, the gradual saturation of the market with offers of this new crop, logistical difficulties and limited export opportunities, although they hope for the release of a number of Black Sea ports. In addition, demand from importers remained low, as most of them were hoping for further price cuts.

The demand for Wheat der Klasse 2 und 3 in den Häfen von Reni und Ismail sank um 3-15 USD/Tonne – auf 170-192 und 160-190 USD/Tonne und für Futtermittel um 30-35 USD/Tonne 125-150 USD/Tonne.

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