In the month and a half of the season, Ukraine exported 2,65 million tons of grain

On August 14, Ukraine has 2022 million tons as of the beginning of 23/2,65 Grains and Legumes exported, including in August 948 thousand tons. I reported about it to the press service of the Ministry of Agricultural Policy of Ukraine.

As already mentioned, the given indicator for the same period of the previous season was 4,916 million tons, of which 1,88 million tons were shipped in August.

On average, the crops have been exported since the beginning of the current season:

  • Wheat – 668 thousand tons (in 2021/22 – 2,088 million tons);
  • Barley – 256 thousand tons (in 2021/22 – 1,661 million tons);
  • Corn – 1,754 million tons (2021/22 1,148 million tons).

August amounted to 5,8 thousand tons (before – 17 thousand tons), including wheat – 4,9 thousand tons (16,8 thousand tons).

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