The soybean harvest has started in Brazil

Brazilian farmers have started harvesting Soybeans began. The first field work started with farmers from the state of Mato Grosso, where most of the agricultural crops (soy, Corn, cotton, etc.) are grown in the country, analysts from the Institute of Agricultural Economics (Imea) reported.

“The work is only at an early stage. Less than 1% of the total area of ​​soybean crops in the state has been harvested,” say experts.

Now the sowing of beans in the country is 97% complete. Rainfall contributes to the development of crops, especially in Mato Grossa and Parana, but its irregularity in other growth regions worries market participants.

Confrom expects Brazilian farmers to harvest 153,5 million tons of oil from 43,2 million hectares this season. And for example AgRural expect a production of 150,5 million tons with 43 million hectares. Datagro expects a harvest of 152,2 million tons from 43,9 million hectares.

Currently, Brazil is the largest soybean producer in the world. The tropical climate and the relative availability of space make this region ideal for growing soybeans, corn, but these two crops mostly go back to foreign markets and cover much of the needs of the entire world market.

Source: oleoscope (Russian)

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