About 10,6 million tons of grain were harvested in Belarus

As of December 6, the gross fee in all categories of establishments was 10 million Tonnen. By the way, this is about Grains, Legumes, Corn, Cruciferous.

The Ministry of Agriculture and Food in Belarus reported that the most Grains was obtained in the Minsk region – about 2,8 million tons. Moreover, in Grodno this number reached almost 2,2 million, in Brest over 1,9 million, in Mogilev over 1,3 million, in Vitebsk over 1,3 million and in Gomel over 1,1 million.

In addition, in the country Corn ground on grain. 98 percent of all Belarusian land has already been removed. In return, the Brest and Grodno regions are complete. We have completed the harvest campaign. At the same time, in Vitebskaya there are still 1,04 thousand Hektar be removed. In Gomel it also remained at 2,11 thousand hectares, Mogilev at 1,59 thousand, Minsk at only 90 hectares.

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