In southern Russia, buyers announce starting prices for demand for new barley

Against the background of the gradual increase in the promotion of the harvest campaign in Russia, in the Southern Federal District the starting prices for Feed barley educated.

The situation in the forward export market, taking into account the forecast level of export duties, had an impact on pricing. However, some uncertainty is caused by mixed expectations about the possibilities of active export deliveries under the conditions of the current sanctions against Russian banks and difficulties in finding ships. The yield exceeds the Barley according to the reports from the farmers and the data from the first field inspections, the expectations of the experts and the figures for the previous year, which is putting the price situation under pressure.

June, the prices for the demand for barley harvest in the southern federal state are predominantly in the range of 240 to 253 €/Tonne, but individual processing plants expected Grains at prices starting from €229/ton with the same delivery conditions. It is worth noting that the indicated prices are approximately comparable and in some areas are even inferior to the starting prices in the previous year, despite the general inflation in the country and the increased costs of agricultural producers for growing agricultural products.

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