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As part of the “Grain Initiative” 8 million tons of Ukrainian agricultural products have already been sent

Bezüglich am 20. Oktober ist die Ukraine innerhalb des “Kornkorridors” von 362 Schiffen mit einer Ladung wirklich 8 Millionen Tonnen abgereist. Das Volumen der Wheat Deliveries beträgt 2,4 Millionen Tonnen, einschließlich 537.000 Tonnen an bedürftige Länder. Es geht um Staaten wie Kenia, Somalia, Libanon, Sudan und andere. Aber besonders 650 Tausend Tonnen Wheat werden in afrikanische Länder geliefert, was 26,8% des Gesamtvolumens ausmacht.

At the same time, it is clarified that part of Ukrainian wheat, which is supplied to Turkey as a leading exporter of flour and finished products from it, will also then go to countries that need food. Currently, the total share of wheat sent to Turkey is 20,2% (or 489.597 thousand tons).

The Ministry also pointed out that the sixth ship under the World Food Program of the United Nations is currently being loaded in the Black Sea port. The PANGEO ship will deliver 40.000 tons of wheat to Yemen. The ship is expected to be at sea later this week.

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