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As part of the «Grain Initiative», Ukraine has sent wheat to Algeria

Ukraine has 27.000 tons under the «Grain Initiative» Wheat sent to Algeria suffering from the food crisis. This was announced by the press service of the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine.

On December 1, a caravan of three ships left the ports of Greater Odessa, which will deliver 126 thousand tons of agricultural products to Africa, Asia and Europe. Among them is the GOLDEN ARSENAL Balker with Ukrainian wheat for Algeria.

It is also noted that now in the ports of the Great Odessa are under treatment 22 vessels. They load 767.000 tons of agricultural products on them.

On the «grain aisle» move 4 containers under loading of 205 thousand tons.

In total, since August 1, 508 ships have left the ports of the Odessa region, on which 12,4 million tons of Ukrainian food have been exported to Asia, Europe and Africa.

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