ground frost

There were frosts in the “grain belt” of Argentina

According to estimates by experts from the Buenos Aires Grain Exchange, the frosts observed in Argentina's grain belt over the past two weeks are having a certain negative impact on the wheat harvest of the 2022/23 crop, reports Reuters.

Due to the fact that the frost was observed after a month-long drought, the stock exchange's experts have estimated the number of wheat-growing areas in the country at 6,1 million Hektar reduced, compared to the first estimates of 6,6 million hectares, which was also inferior to cereal sowing in the last season (6,7 million hectares).

At the same time, analysts note that adverse weather conditions did not cause significant losses of wheat crops, although the influence of frost was stronger in the northern regions of the country.

According to experts from the Buenos Aires Stock Exchange, wheat plants in Argentina are in a crucial phase of development. the grain harvest should start in November.

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