In 2023, Brazil could export the largest amount of soybeans in history

Die Analysten von Safras & Mercado prognostizieren für 2023 einen Soja-Export aus Brasilien von 91,5 Millionen Tonnen, der um 19% will be above the result of the current year (2022 million tons are expected for 77,2) and will be a record value in the history of observations.

Exports are expected to lead to an increase in Brazilian soybean production, which will help offset the decline in supply from the USA in view of the high demand in the market. Thus, the total supply of oil in Brazil can grow by 18% for the year – to 154,53 million tons.

At the same time, soybean imports to the country are forecast to decrease next year by 86% per year to 100 thousand tons.

Experts also predict that the processing volume of Soybean in 2023 is 49,5 million tons (+ 3% per year; in 2022 at 47,9 million tons). Soybean meal production is estimated at 38,05 million tons (exports will increase by 3% to 18,7 million tons, domestic consumption by 5% to 19,2 million tons), soybean oil by 10,05 million tons (exports may decrease by 10% to 1,9 million tons, domestic consumption will increase by 3% to 8,15 million tons).

In addition, there will be high demand for soy from the Biodiesel manufacturer expected. This is due to the projected increase in Biodiesel consumption in Brazil, which could increase by 2023% to 10 million tons in 4,5.

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