In 2022/23, the export of sunflower seeds from Ukraine will remain well above the average pre-war level

In 2022/23 the export of Sunflower seeds from Ukraine declined compared to the result of the previous season, but remains well above the annual average. This forecast was announced by Fastmarkets Agricensus Editor-in-Chief Tim Warlage during the international conference «Asia Grains & Oils Conference in Qazaqstan 2022» on November 11 in Astana.

According to him, in 2021/22 Ukraine has the shipment of Sunflower seeds increased by 850% per year. 92,5% of the total volume in March and August was delivered to foreign markets. In return, exports of sunflower processing products (oil, meal) have declined significantly.

During the Russian invasion, trade focused on commodities. Despite the fact that a large number of processing enterprises of Ukraine are located outside of a combat zone, logistical problems are a significant obstacle to their normal functioning. As a result, processors could not supply the required quantities of sunflower seeds for processing, and the export of finished products also became significantly more complicated.

With regard to the development of the situation in 2022/23, T. Warlage predicted a further decrease in exports of processed sunflower products from Ukraine, as well as a decrease in oil supplies themselves, but at a very high level compared to the average annual volumes of the pre-war period will stay.

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