During 2021/22 Ukraine exported 61,52 million tons of grain and oil crops

During 2021/22 Ukraine has 61,52 million tons Grain crop and oil crops exported with a total value of 22,2 billion dollars. Such data was quoted by Ukraine's Deputy Economy Minister Taras Pichka on his Facebook page.

export from Wheat per season was 18,7 million tons worth $4,8 billion, Corn – 23,54 million tons worth $5,8 billion, Barley - 5,74 million tons valued at $1,3 billion

In addition, 161,5 thousand tons of Ukrainian Rye, 100 thousand tons, Buckwheat and Millet, 67,6 thousand tons of sorghum, 12,6 thousand tons Oats, 4,1 thousand tons Rice exported per season.

In terms of shipments of oil plants were 1,1 million tons Soybeans ($641 million), 2,7 million tons Rapeseeds ($1,7 billion), 1,09 million tons Sunflowers ($616 million) and 32.000 tons flex seeds and 24.000 tons of other oil crops exported per season.

Sunflower oil exports are estimated at 4,3 million tons (worth $5,8 billion), sunflower meal at 3,4 million tons (worth $960 million) and soybean meal at 421 million tons (worth $230 million). ) estimated.

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