France has started the wheat harvest

From June 20th, French farmers have started to Wheat to harvest earlier, and soft wheats were harvested on 2% of the plan's area, durum wheat on 5%.

As indicated, 64% of the wheat crops in the country are in good and very good condition versus 65% the week before and 79% on the same date last year, 60% versus 61% the week before and 67% a year earlier.

Also the harvest of Barley is increasing – at the specified time, winter grain was milled by 26% of the area of ​​​​the plan (+ 24% per week), while in the previous year it was only 1%. Like a week before, 63% of the plants were in good and excellent condition compared to 75% the year before. As for spring barley, it is harvested with 3% of the area, 53% of the plants are in good and excellent condition compared to 84% the year before.

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