Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

FAO analysts have lowered their forecast for global grain production in 2022

In their November report, the FAO analysts published the forecast for the global grain production in 2022 by 4,9 million tons to 2,764 billion tons, which is also 1,8 percent below the previous year's figure.

The decrease in the estimate was due to the lowering of the forecast for the world wheat production down 3,4 million tonnes to 783,8 million tonnes, but that exceeds the 2021 result and remains a record high.

In addition, FAO analysts lowered the forecast for world feed grain production in 2022 by 1,3 million tons to 1,467 billion tons (-2,8% per year).

Global grain exports in 2022/23 could reach 468,9 million tons, according to FAO analysts' expectations, which is higher than the previous forecast (467,2 million tons) but the result of 2021/22 (479,5 million tons ) is inferior. In particular, analysts have increased the forecast for the trade volume of wheat in the current season to 193,7 (191,8; 195,7) million tons, while the forecast for trade in feed grains as a whole remained unchanged – at 222,3 (222,3 ,230); XNUMX) million tons.

The analysts have significantly reduced the forecast for global grain stocks in the current year compared to the October estimate to 840,5 million tons (847,8 million tons), which is also significantly lower at the end of the 2021/22 season (857,3 million tons).

The experts reduced the forecast for wheat stocks to 299,6 (302,7; 293,7) million tons and feed grain to 347,5 (352; 366,7) million tons.

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