sunflower field

Export prices for Ukrainian sunflower meal continue to fall

Since the beginning of the second decade in June, there has been a bearish price trend in the Ukrainian sunflower meal export market.

Demand prices for this product have fallen under the pressure of low importer activity. The significant decrease in demand was caused by the lack of urgent procurement needs against the background of the formed stocks of sunflowers through actual pre-production and the increase in production volumes in EU countries through the import of Ukrainian Sunflower seeds for the purpose of further processing. The additional pressure on prices was provided by the increasing interest in rapeseed products in the Zusawith the start of its harvesting campaign in the EU and the falling price trend on the world market for oilseeds and processed products.

So, prices for demand for Ukrainian sunflower meal have fallen by 19-24% and vary mainly within $27-180 as of June 210/Tonne.

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