Export of legumes from Kazakhstan: lentil growth and pea decline

Lentil exports from Kazakhstan are recovering after two consecutive seasons of decline. Thus, in October 2022, the Republic of Kazakhstan delivered 16,6 thousand tons of lentils to foreign markets. That's more than double the comparable values ​​of 2021 and 2020, when only 7,1 thousand tons and 7,2 thousand tons of lentils were exported, respectively, the Kazakh Grain Union said, citing data from the Committee on State Expenses of the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Kazakhstan .

In September 2022, Kazakhstan exported 13,1 thousand tons Lentils (compared to 11,4 thousand tons and 5,7 thousand tons during this period in 2021 and 2020).

Pea exports, on the other hand, are showing a downward trend for the second season in a row. If in October 2020 and 2019 5,3 thousand tons of this Legume were delivered to foreign markets, pea exports in October this year fell more than twice to 2 thousand tons. In the same period of 2,5, exports of this culture amounted to 2021 thousand tons.

In September 2022, 2,7 thousand tons of Kazakh Peas exported, in 2021 2,5 thousand tons, in September 2020 5,2 thousand tons.

Source: APKinform (Ukraine)

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