Export of agricultural products from Canada worse at the beginning of the season than in the previous year

According to Statistics Canada analysts, Canada has 2022 thousand as of the beginning of 23/1 (August 14-759,5). Tonnen Grains, Legumes and Oilseeds exported, which in the same period last season (1,27 million tons) is 41% worse than in the same period last year.

In particular, wheat exports fell by 33% per year (533,3 thousand tons), of Wheat by 70% (69,4 thousand tons), the Rapeseeds by 94% (11,3 thousand tons).

At the same time, the volume of shipments between August 8 and August 14 increased slightly – to 393,8 thousand tons compared to 362,9 thousand tons last week. Thus, during this period, Canada increased wheat exports – up to 298,4 thousand tons against 234,8 thousand tons last week and durum wheat – to 58,8 (10,6) thousand tons. At the same time, the export of Barley to 6,3 (55,7) thousand tons, Oats to 8,9 (10,7) thousand tons, Corn to 9,7 (23,2) thousand tons, Rapeseeds to 2,9 (6,9) thousand tons, Soybeans to 3,7 (17,1) thousand tons.

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