Experts have raised the forecast for Argentina's 2022/23 soybean harvest

Analysten der Getreidebörse Buenos Aires prognostizieren in ihrem Bericht einen Anstieg der Sojabohnenproduktion des Landes in 2022/23 auf 48 Millionen Tonnen, reports Reuters.

Thus, the country's oil harvest in the new season could increase by 15,5% per year, compared to 43,3 million tons Soybean in 2021/22 by expanding the area under cultivation by reducing among other crops, namely corn.

So the cultivated areas under the oilseed um 400 Tausend Hektar auf 16,7 Millionen Hektar zunehmen, während die Flächen unter dem Corn be reduced from 7,7 to 7,5 million hectares.

As a result, corn production could fall to 2022 million tons in 23/50, down from 52 million tons in the previous season. It is also expected that the wheat harvest is reduced by 21,9% per year due to the severe drought – to 17,5 million tons.

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