Sunflower oil

EU adapts to sunflower oil shortages

According to experts Fediol, in recent weeks in EU countries there has been an increase in offers of sunflower oil, as manufacturers have adjusted to the deficit of the Ukrainian product, as well as the growth of its deliveries by rail and truck, reports Nasdaq.

It is also noted that Ukraine is the main supplier of sunflower oil to the EU, but Russia's invasion of Ukraine has resulted in consumer panic buying of the product, which has led to a reduction in oil supply.

Es sollte bemerkt werden, dass laut Experten der Europäischen Kommission seit Beginn der aktuellen Saison (1. Juli – 1. Mai) 1,65 Millionen Tonnen Sonnenblumenöl (1,5 Millionen Tonnen der letzten Saison) in die EU-Länder geliefert wurden, so von der Ukraine – 1,38 Millionen Tonnen.

Recall that the export of sunflower oil from Ukraine through western crossings may close the need of EU countries until the end of the season.

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