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Expectations of a record harvest for Russian grain will hardly be fulfilled

The grain harvest in the Russian Federation in 2022 is unlikely to be record-breaking. May at a press conference expressed by the President of the Russian Grain Union Arkady Zlochevsky, reports Interfax.

Record harvests are unlikely to be forthcoming. Still, both analysts and the Department of Agriculture need to be reassessed on records. There are many statements about the fact that we are expecting a bumper harvest. But whether that is so is a big question.

Arkady Zlochevsky

President of the Russian Grain Union

According to his estimate, around 120 million could this year Tonnen Grains, including 80 million tons Wheat, to be harvested.

According to the head of the Union, this forecast is based primarily on data on the results of winter sowing (19 million Hektar), which he has questioned, not for the first time. According to the regions, winter feeding rates have now slowed compared to the previous year and have fallen by 16,6 million hectares.

Why are only 200 thousand hectares fed in a week, although the pace used to be much faster? Well, maybe just because there aren't any, because maybe there's nothing to feed extra, so? And indeed, this decrease in fertilizer rate is a litmus paper for a real estimate of the areas and how much we're really going to have to clean up.

Arkady Zlochevsky

President of the Russian Grain Union

Speaking of the summer seed, the head of the Union said that the pace of its implementation is even slower than last year. The main reason for this is "that there is no technical readiness and no money, it is not enough".

Recall that the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation forecasts gross grain receipts this year at 130 million tons.

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