Drought in Argentina can lead to forage shortages

Argentina is suffering the consequences of a prolonged drought caused by the La Niña climatic process, which has led to a decrease in rainfall in key production regions of the country. The dry conditions are particularly noticeable in the central-eastern part of the country, where the production of Wheat, Corn and Soybean is focused.

Due to the weather, livestock are dying in the pastures and farmers are being forced to postpone harvests, which may affect forage crop harvests, Reuters reports.

Laut den Landwirten gibt es bereits seit 2 Jahren einen Wassermangel, und im laufenden Jahr hat die Feuchtigkeitskonzentration im Boden nicht einmal 50% der Norm für diese Regionen erreicht. Laut Berichten der Rosario Stock Exchange (BCR) wird die Ernte von Wheat, Mais und Soja in diesem Jahr um mindestens ein Drittel sinken.

Producers fear that crop losses will lead to a shortage of animal feed, which will have to be compensated for by products for the food industry.

Source: Agronovosti (Russian)

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