Weather conditions will contribute to a high soybean crop in Paraguay

Weather conditions in Paraguay this year have overall contributed to the implementation of field work on soybean acreage for the 2022/23 crop, reports Soybean&Corn Advisor.

As already mentioned, the heavy rainfall in October helped restore soil moisture after a prolonged drought, creating favorable conditions for the development of Oilseeds has created. the soybean production in Paraguay wird voraussichtlich im Jahr 2022/23 rund 10 Millionen Tonnen erreichen, was deutlich über dem Ergebnis des Vorjahres (4,2 Millionen Tonnen) liegt.

At the same time, it is noted that the country's farmers are not yet in a hurry to sell soybean of the future crop - at the end of October it was turned over by 16%, while this indicator averages 30% during this period. This is because Paraguayan farmers were unable to secure forward contracts last year due to the sharp reduction in soybean harvest due to drought, or because they do not want to repeat this situation this season.

November and December will be critical months for Paraguay's soybean seed crops, so farmers are expected to wait for more futures contracts to be finalized in November, depending on weather conditions.

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