sunflower field

Weather conditions have reduced EU maize and sunflower yields

Overall, the weather conditions observed in Europe since early September have contributed to the harvesting of summer crops and the sowing of the 2023 winter crop. Only in northern Italy, in Bulgaria, in southern Spain and in eastern Romania, was there drought and precipitation deficits, as MARS reported in October.

Nevertheless, experts have the EU yield forecasts for Corn reduced – this figure has been reduced from 6,39 in September to 6,34 tons/hectare (-20% per year; -19% to the average of the last 5 years).

The forecast for the yield of Sunflowers was also from 2,05 to 1,97 tons/hectare (-17%; -16%) and from Soybean reduced from 2,40 to 2,37 tons/hectare (-16; -18%).

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