Global soybean meal exports fell 10 percent in July

Oil World analysts estimate that the shipment of Soy meal from the main exporting countries decreased to 5,63 million tons in July, compared with 6,24 million tons in the previous month, which is also lower than in July 2021 (5,83 million tons).

In particular, Argentina reduced shipments of scrap metal to 2,54 million tons in the month under review, compared to 2,79 million tons in June and 2,64 million tons in July last year, Brazil to 1,98 (2,2; 1,94) million tons that USA to 0,9 (1,04; 0,98) million tons. India reduced soybean meal exports to 0,2 (0,4; 0,3) million tons. At the same time, the volume of product shipments from Paraguay and Ukraine as a whole was assessed by experts as stable and, according to the results of last month, amounted to 0,16 and 0,3 million tons, respectively.

As for importers, EU countries reduced imports of soybean meal to 1,48 million tons in July from 1,6 million tons in June (1,9 million tons in July 2021), Asian countries to 2,95 million tons tons (3; 29).

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