The wheat areas in India have increased by 3 percent to 28,7 million hectares, the oil crop areas by 8 percent

Government data showed that wheat acreage increased 3% to 286,5 hectares (28,7 million hectares) in the current Rabi season, mainly in higher acreage in Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh. During the same period, the sown area was Wheat, which is the main crop during Rabi (winter) sowing, 278,25 lakh hectares (27,8 million hectares), reports the Economictimes.

Increasing the wheat acreage can result in increased production while maintaining the weather conditions necessary for the growth of this crop. Domestic wheat production fell to 2021 million tons in the 22-109,59 crop years (July-June) from 106,84 million tons last year due to the heat in some producing states.

In May this year, the government banned wheat exports to increase domestic supplies and control prices. Sourcing of wheat by the state-run FCI fell from 2022 lakh tons (23 million tons) to 434,44 lakh tons (43,4 million tons) in fiscal year 187,92-18,8 as domestic production and aggressive buying fell through private parties declined.

Source: UkrAgroConsult (Ukraine)

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