The wheat harvest in Russia can reach almost 95 million tons

Analysis center “SovEkon” made the forecast for the wheat harvest in Russia in 2022 will increase to 94,7 million tons from 90,9 million tons according to a previous estimate, Interfax reports.

The forecast has been upgraded due to record high recent wheat yields in many regions and the improvement in the condition of spring wheat after rains in recent weeks.

The average grain yield, which has already been harvested on 48% of the planned areas, is currently a record-breaking 4,4 tons/hectare. At the same time, yield rates in most regions of the center, the Volga region and the south of the Russian Federation are also record-breaking or close to highs.

In addition, “SowEcon” has forecast the harvest of Barley to 20,6 million tons from 20,2 million tons, Corn to 15,1 million tons from 14,7 million tons and thus Grain crop total increased to 142,6 million tons from 137,5 million tons.

The expected big harvest could be even bigger thanks to the excellent weather in 2022. However, this is likely to have a limited impact on the global market given the slow pace of exports from Russia in the 2022/23 season.

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