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The Ukrainian shipping on the Danube has tripled the capacity of its fleet

The cargo capacity of the Ukrainian Danube Shipping (FUD) fleet has tripled. About it concerning words of the deputy general director of the enterprise Dmitry Moskalenko reported USM on August 22.

So, for half a year, more than 150 units of the FUD were carried out through repairs, it was also possible to obtain documents and bring to work 35 barges that have long been in the mud.

Also, the FUD stopped shipping on the Upper and Middle Danube and mobilized 90% of the fleet to the Lower Danube to export agricultural goods from the Danube ports to the seaports of Romania and Bulgaria.

The company has also reduced travel times and increased freight rates to market. Shipping revenue increased 7-fold.

The UDP thus completed the land charges, which amounted to more than 7 million Euro achieved.

The UDP fleet works on the entire shipping section of the Danube from the ports of Ust-Danube (Ukraine) and Konstanz (Romania) to the port of Kelheim (Germany) and vice versa.

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