Sunflower seeds

In the new 2022/23 season, Ukraine can remain the world leader in the export of sunflowers

According to operational data, the export of Sunflowers from Ukraine reached an all-time high of 2021 million tonnes in 22/1,63, due to the suspension of sunflower oil exports and a significant reduction in domestic oil processing.

Moreover, according to the USDA, Ukraine is the world leader among exporters of this crop in 2021/22 and is likely to be delayed at least another season on this position.

With the automatic continuation of the grain corridor and the stable operation of the processing sector, the supply of sunflowers to foreign markets in the new 2022/23 year could decrease by 1,1-1,2 million tons (-29% by 2021/22), but could become the second largest export volume from Ukraine in of history and become one of the largest among the supplier countries on the world market.

If exports through deep-sea ports are suspended again and the volumes of sunflower oil from the country fall again, oil exports could reach 2022-23 million tons in the 2,5/3 season. Thus, the demand for Ukrainian sunflowers is expected to be at a fairly high level given the worsening forecasts for sunflower production in Europe due to the severe drought in the region in recent months.

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