Olive oil

Ukraine is about to transport up to 2 million tons of oil annually through the pipeline to Poland

The Ministry of Agricultural Policy and Food and the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine and the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development and the Ministry of Infrastructure of Poland have signed a four-page memorandum on the construction of a cross-border pipeline through which Ukrainian vegetable oil will be transported to the port of the city of Gdansk . This was reported on September 6 by the press service of the Ministry of Agricultural Policy of Ukraine.

It was also agreed that Ukraine and Poland will soon set up a working group, the aim of which is to develop technical characteristics and conditions for the construction of the pipeline and the two terminals.

Over the last six months, we have been actively working to increase exports of domestic products through joint checkpoints with the Polish Republic. We are also working to reduce queues at the Ukrainian-Polish border. The length of the pipeline is 600 km and the capacity is up to 2 million Tonnen oil per year. The pipeline was supposed to run from Jagodina (Volhynia region) to Gdańsk.

Nikolay Solsky

Minister of Agricultural Policy and Food of Ukraine

He also pointed out that the cost of constructing the pipeline will be announced within the next two months. He emphasized that the final sum depends heavily on the specific route and the landscape, as well as the coordination of all permit documents.

In addition, he added that in addition to the participation of both states in the construction and operation of this pipeline, the Ukrainian side supports the participation in the business project, in particular, Ukrainian entrepreneurs for connecting oil overload points with the pipeline.

The official clarified that there are various ways to finance the oil pipeline. In particular, he pointed out that a meeting of EU countries' agriculture ministers will be held in Brussels in September, where this issue will be raised.

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