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Ukraine has increased exports of agricultural products from the Danube ports

The export of agricultural products through Ukrainian ports on the Danube in 2022 increased 42 times compared to the previous year, the Administration of Seaports of Ukraine reported.

“In 11 months of this year, the export volume of agricultural products (Grain crop- and oilseed crops) from the ports of the Danube region amounted to 6,1 million tons, which exceeds the values ​​for the same period of 2021 by 42 times," says a statement on the company's social media page.

It is also noted that according to actual company data, 14,5 million tons of cargo were processed in 11 months of 2022 through the Ukrainian ports of Izmail, Reni and Ust-Danube in the Danube, which is 2,9 times more than in the same period of 2021 .

Earlier, Dmitry Moskalenko, Director General of Ukraine Danube Navigation, declared the start of the “Danube Grain Route” project.

Ukraine exported the grain before the conclusion of the “grain deal” through the ports of Reni and Ismail, from where they went further across the Danube to the Romanian port of Konstanz.

Source: Premium (Russian)

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