Ukraine led the TOP 5 wheat suppliers in the EU

According to the results from July to the beginning of November 2022, Ukraine takes the first place in the five largest suppliers of wheat to the EU countries. Export of Ukrainian Grains to the EU was 1,5 million Tonnen, which is significantly higher than last season (188 thousand tons). Such data was announced in his report by the head of the business project service of IA «APK-Inform» Andrei Kupchenko at the international conference «Asia Grains & Oils Conference in Qazaqstan 2022» on November 11 in Astana.

He clarified that the TOP 5 largest wheat suppliers in the EU are also Great Britain (379 thousand tons compared to 155 thousand tons last season), Canada (179 thousand tons compared to 49 thousand tons), Moldova (113 thousand tons and 86 thousand tons) and Serbia (110 thousand tons versus 164 thousand tons last season).

Ukraine also has deliveries from Barley and Corn to the EU increased significantly – to 270.000 tons and 4 million tons respectively (last season these values ​​were much lower – 4.000 tons and 1,2 million tons). Ukraine occupies the second place in the ranking of suppliers of these grains to the EU countries, A. Kupchenko stressed.

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