grain harvest

The government of Ukraine expects a reduction in grain harvest in the next two years

The grain harvest in Ukraine in 2022 will be 51,9 million Tonnen estimated, which is 34,1% lower than the previous year's value (86 million tons). Such an assessment is stipulated in the government's macroeconomic forecast, reports RBC-Ukraine.

At the same time, in 2023 a further decrease in grain production in the country is forecast, which will decrease by another 6,9% of the value expected this year to 45 million tons.

It is also expected that the global corn prices will increase by 2022% in 24,7 and fall by 19,7% next year.

“The worldwide wheat prices will increase by 2022% in 30,6 and then fall by 2023% in 24,6,7,” the government forecasts.

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