The forecast for grain production in Europe has been raised

The European Association for Trade in Grains and Oil Crops (COCERAL) has increased the forecast for grain production in the 27 countries of the European Union and Great Britain to 309,5 million tons. An earlier forecast released in March put the figure at 305,6 million tons. For comparison: In 2021, 312 million tonnes of grain were harvested in the EU and Great Britain.

The production of Wheat (excluding hard varieties) is expected to reach 143 million tons this season (143,9 million tons were harvested last year). The improvement in the forecast is due to the timely amount of rainfall in Spain.

Barley production in these countries is forecast to be 60 million tons. the corn harvest is estimated at 66 million tons (previous year: 67,2 million tons).

The canola production for the EU-27+ Great Britain is expected to be 19,5 million tonnes this year (2021: 18,5 million tonnes).

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