sunflower field

Sunflower production in Ukraine may be reduced by almost half in 2022

According to forecasts by scientists at the Institute of Agricultural Economics, the production of Sunflower seeds in Ukraine to be almost halved in 2022 – to 7,9-8,8 million tons versus 14,9 million tons in 2019-2021. This was told by the Deputy Director of the National Research Center «Institute of Agricultural Economics» of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine Nikolai Pugachev to the «Focus» edition.

However, according to him, the expected harvest of sunflowers will be more than enough to ensure internal needs of Ukraine. In recent years, around 6 million tons of sunflower oil have been produced in the country from local raw materials, almost 85% of which has been spent on export.

If in Ukraine in 2021 6,5 million hectares were sown with sunflowers, then in the current year only 72% of last year's areas - 4,6 million hectares - are in line with the level of 2010-2011, since the areas are under the Sunflower continued to grow in the country.

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