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Sunflower prices in Ukraine began to rise

At the beginning of the 2023 season, export prices for Sunflowers to rise. The premium for NON-GMO soy has risen to $10-$20, while GM soy is trading at $450-470 per ton. This was reported by analysts at Spike Brokers.

“Sunflower prices have recovered towards Bulgaria and remain at a stable level in other directions. The Sunflower will be priced at $540-550 DAP traded in Bulgaria. The premium for a sunflower-rich sunflower is $20-35,” the release reads.

The latest signs for buyers:

  • DAP Bulgaria ~$540-550;
  • DAP Hungary ~ $530-540;
  • DAP Romania ~ $530-540.

The supply of soy to Europe remains stable. Demand for GMO soy in Ukrainian ports has increased by $450-470 DAP continued. Towards Italy, the premium for NON-GMO soy increased to $10-$20.

The latest signs for buyers:

  • GMO DAP Italy ~ €530-545;
  • NON-GMO DAP Italy ~ €550-560;
  • GMO DAP Poland ~ $495-500.

Source: UkrAgroConsult (Ukraine)

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