Soybean prices in Ukraine have risen to EUR 439 per ton

There is enough supply in the Ukrainian soybean market now, but processors are buying raw materials for the future, as prices can rise significantly at the end of winter.

This was discussed during the weekly briefing organized by the START-up cooperative analytical center.

According to analysts, there is currently no hype in the soybean market, but there is stable demand for culture.

“There isn't a huge demand for it yet Soybean, but processors buy raw materials in January-February at low current prices. The factories buy soy at prices in the range of 379-390 €/Tonne. By December 20th, the numbers may increase a little, but there will be no price boom. Soybean prices can be forecast to rise to €413-439/ton in January-February. Oversupply of soy to farmers is also not observed,” said analyst Alexey Tartakovsky.

Experten weisen darauf hin, dass die Ukraine während der Ernte 3,6 Millionen Tonnen Soja gesammelt hat und über Reserven von etwa 3 Millionen Tonnen verfügt. Dies reicht aus, um die Bedürfnisse sowohl der Importeure als auch der Verarbeiter zu decken.

Source: UkrAgroConsult (Ukraine)

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