The main problems of Wheat-2022 are named

The main problem of Wheat-2022 is the low mass fraction of protein in the Grains, referred to dry substance. As already mentioned, this figure averaged 12,6% last year and 11,8% in the same year. According to the expert, the protein levels for Wheat this year, the lowest in the last three years, when the value did not fall below 12,5%.

“This is a very low rate and accordingly gluten is down to 21,6% compared to 25,9% last year. But even this decrease does not convey what is happening, because the ratio of these indicators has also changed,” said Oleg Onishchenko, an expert at IP “SGS Ukraine”.

The expert found that gluten levels for Wheat are too low this year and do not correspond to the protein values ​​- a Grains The quality of export contracts cannot be achieved with such parameters.

For example, the protein and gluten levels of wheat last year were 12,58% and 25,3%, respectively. The ratio of these two parameters is 2,06. This year the average has dropped to 1,83.

“If you can tolerate 11,5% or 11% protein, it's difficult to expect 22-23% gluten in the current crop's grain. According to the protein, the W (the strength of the flour) also fell,” said Oleg Onishchenko.

Another problem with wheat from the current crop is the presence of more top grains compared to last year.

Source: UkrAgroConsult (Ukraine)

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