Grain crop

Grain stocks in Kazakhstan have fallen to 17 million tons

As of December 1 of this year, the inventory was available Grain crop- and Legumes in Kazakhstan at 16,992 million tons, down 2,44 million tons from November.

According to the data, the stocks of grain in the organizations engaged in crop production amounted to 6,16 million tons, in the milling industry - 1,2 million tons, in grain storage plants - 4,63 million tons, in wholesale trade - 271 thousand tons.

As of December 1, individual farmers had 3,429 million tons of grain available in the bureau. Another 1,27 million tons of grain were with other legal entities.

It is also noted that stocks of wheat in the Republic of Kazakhstan by the beginning of December amounted to 13,957 million tons, including food — 12,41 million tons, seeds — 1,12 million tons, fodder — 424,54 thousand tons.

In addition, on December 1 in Kazakhstan were 1,98 million tons Barley, 33,81 thousand tons Rye and 192,39 thousand tons Oats available.

The inventories Corn have dropped to 251,95 thousand tons, Buckwheat to 68,94 thousand tons, Rice to 223,28 thousand tons and Millet to 17,49 thousand tons.

Source: agro sector (Kazakhstan)

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